Project Z Review: Project Z Review - What if there was no death for man... a sci-fi thriller movie


Project Z Review: Project Z movie starring Sandeep Kishan and Lavanya Tripathi as hero and heroine was released on Aha OTT. This movie is made as a science fiction thriller and directed by CV Kumar. Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff plays the villain. How is this movie?

Project Z Movie Story:

Kumar (Sandeep Kishan) is a police officer. Kumar witnesses a murder while trying to catch a petty thief. Kumar gets seriously injured while trying to catch the killer. After recovering from the injury and returning to work, the case of serial murders in the city becomes challenging for Kumar. Film heroine Visma (Akshara Gowda), her make-up man (Maig Gopi) along with some other celebrities get murdered in the same way.

Kumar suspects that the motivational speaker Rudra (Daniel Balaji) is doing these murders. He catches him with great difficulty. Rudra's thoughts and mannerisms are similar to Pramod, a neurology scientist who commits suicide. Pramod makes an experiment so that the memories in a person's mind remain ten instead of being destroyed even though they are thousands. He does the experiment on himself. Kumar's investigation reveals that Pramod is committing these murders by transferring the memories of his brain into the brains of others through that experiment.

Why did Pramod become a serial killer despite being a scientist? How did Kumar stop Army Major Satyan (Jackie Shroff) who became an anthropomorphic monster due to the Pramod experiment? How did Kumar's girlfriend Adira (Lavanya Tripathi) who stood by him in this fight get into trouble? What did Kumar do to save his girlfriend? That is the story of Project Z movie.

Project Z Movie Analysis:

Until now, science fiction films were mostly made in Hollywood. Now this trend has increased in Telugu as well. Science fiction genre stories are full of twists and turns. Telling these stories on screen in a convincing manner with logic that the general audience can understand is like a sword for the director. Director CV Kumar has completely succeeded in making Project Z an interesting sci-fi thriller.

On the one hand Kumar's search for a serial killer and on the other hand the experiment of a scientist named Pramod, the movie is thrilling from start to finish as a science fiction crime thriller. The idea of ​​the story written by the director is good, taking inspiration from the ongoing research to eliminate death for man.

The movie starts slowly with scenes like the introduction of Kumar's character as a police officer, his mental problem, and the introduction to the psychotherapist Adira. The director moves the story forward interestingly with the series of murders happening in the city and the mystery behind them being unsolved by Kumar and the rest of the police. The way each puzzle unfolds is impressive. When it is revealed that Pramod is behind these murders, the movie takes a turn into science fiction. The scenes about Pramodham's experiment are interesting.

The director led the competition between Sandeep Kishan and Jackie Shroff. Jackie Shroff has shown villainy in Peaks. The director wrote the climax twist as expected but surprising.

Actors Performance:

Sandeep Kishan looks fresh in the role of police officer Kumar. The way he has shown variation in the role of a serious police officer who has done mostly lover-boy roles is good. Jackie Shroff was impressed as the villain. Hero dominated in the second half. Lavanya Tripathi's role as Adira is not much important. Daniel Balaji had a villainous first half.

Project Z is a different emotional sci-fi crime thriller movie. It can be said that the best choice is to watch a good thriller movie on OTT this week.