Churuli Review: Mind-blowing Malayalam OTT movie with twists.. How is it?


Churuli Movie Review: Churuli is a mind-blowing Malayalam movie with exciting twists. Let's find out what this Malayalam science fiction, time loop, horror, suspense movie, which is currently streaming on Sony Live OTT, is like in Churuli's review.

Title: Churuli

Starring: Chemban Vinod Jose, Vinay Fort, Joju George, Soubin Shahir, Zafar Idukki, Geethi Sangeeta etc.

Story: Vinay Thomas

Directed by: Lizo Jose Pellissery

Cinematography: Madhu Neelakandan

Music: Srirag Saji

Producers: Lijo Jose Pellissery, Chemban Vinod Jose

OTT Platform: Sony Liv

There is no need to say how much craze Malayalam movies are. Churuli is a Malayalam movie that makes the mind black and sharpens the mind. Starring Malayalam star actors Joju George and Soubin Shahir, the film featured Chemban Vinod Jose and Vinay Fort in lead roles. This Malayalam movie Churuli was released in February 2021 with scientific elements like science fiction, time loop, aliens, suspense, and horror. In November of the same year, Churuli movie was streamed in Telugu as well as Malayalam on Sony Live OTT. Let's see how this movie is rated 7 out of 10 by IMDb in the Churuli review.

Churuli Story:

Two undercover cops, disguised as Antony (ASI) and Shajeevan (constable), go to Churuli, a village in the middle of a dense forest, to catch a criminal named Joy (Soubin Shahir). In Churuli, a man named Tankan (Joju George) introduces himself as a laborer who has come to dig holes in a rubber plantation. Since Tankan is not in the village at that time, the owner of the stone shop (Jaffar Idukki) puts them to work. Antony and Shajeevan join Kallu's shop to find out who Joy is. What were the experiences of those policemen who entered Churuli? How is the behavior of the villagers there? What is the meaning of Shahjeevan's dreams at night? Why are aliens seen by Shahjeevan? Did the police catch Joy? What are Joy's crimes? If you want to know these things, you have to watch it.


Churuli Movie is an absurd scientific and loop thriller movie. Absurd means that the viewer can imagine as he likes. When this movie is over, different kinds of thoughts run through the audience. You also get the feeling of what is actually in this movie and what has been shown. But, the director left some hints here and there in the movie. If you watch the movie too concentrated, you will not understand the logic and hints in the movie. Churuli movie starts with a story. The movie will be like the story. Later the story starts with the two cops changing their names for a criminal named Joy and going to Churuli in a jeep. The director also gives a hint as to where the police are going. A big twist comes when the jeep crosses the bridge made of sticks.

A twist in ten minutes:

Antony, the jeep driver who had spoken to Shajeevan lovingly and politely till then, and the rest of the people in it changed as soon as they crossed the bridge. Both scold and behave aggressively for no reason. By that, we know how Churuli village is. This can be interpreted in many ways. It can be understood that the village is controlled by the aliens, so once the border is crossed, the villagers' minds go under their control.

Mind-blowing narration

However, the twists and hints in the movie can be understood if you look carefully. They have to lose their minds. The appearance of aliens in the film, Shajeevan behaving strangely at one point, and the villagers saying they have seen him before all give a strange experience. And the BGM that comes to the scenes is overwhelming. The BGM that indicates that the aliens are coming will be new.

A Different Experience

Churuli Explained In Telugu: Pre-climax, twists in the climax are very good. Most of what happens in the climax is not understood by the audience. It should be understood that the film takes place in a loop. If not, many people will not like the movie. But, this Churuli movie gives a different experience. Those who like movies that work the brain should definitely watch this movie.