Gullak Season 4 Review: Mishra family returns with a great story, here's what's missing


The new writer has done a great job by writing the story of Gullak Season 4. But this is what's missing in the Mishra family.

In the year 2019, TVF presented its most amazing web series Gullak to the audience. At that time, light, heartwarming stories were rarely available on the OTT platform. In such a situation, Gullak came and did wonders. A simple Mishra family, two sons, an old house, a kitchen full of spice boxes, the sound of the cooker whistling, and Mr. and Mrs. Mishrain, this was Gullak. Now the fourth season of this series has premiered on Sony Liv, which is great.

New problem of the Mishra family

Gullak Season 4 is a little different from the other three seasons. Now the children Annu and Aman, who are looking for school and a job, have grown up. In this season, the characters seem a little more sensible. Annu Mishra's life will be seen moving forward towards a job and love, on the other hand, Aman has now stepped on the threshold of youth. These issues have been raised in this series when parents do not want to leave any stone unturned in the upbringing of their children. Gullak 4 is surrounded by the problems of upbringing, Shanti and Santosh Mishra regarding children. But the entry of Bittu's mother, the neighbor, makes every scene special in which she is seen.

Actor's performance

Gullak Season 4 shows the problems of parents when they seem to be unsuccessful even after working hard. But the family stands with each other so strongly that in the end, every problem looks small. Jameel Khan, who plays the role of Santosh Mishra, the head of the house in the series, has once again made everyone happy with his performance. It will not be difficult to connect with Shanti aka Geetanjali Kulkarni, the mother who is after the children like the mothers of ordinary households. The character of the elder son Annu is played by Vaibhav Raj Gupta, whose curly hair has become his identity. Harsh Mayer is playing the role of Aman Mishra. Bittu's mother is the soul of this series, played by actress Sunita Rajwar. Actress Haley Shah has also been introduced in this season.

New writer

This story of Gullak Season 4 has been written by new writer Vidit Tripathi and made by Shreyansh Pandey. But nowhere does it feel that this season is different from the previous Gullak. In this series too, there have been many such scenes when the Mishra family looks emotionally weak. But it does not seem like a drama. The tremendous chemistry between the cast makes this series more special.

Shortcomings and Specialties

The specialty of Gullak is that by making a series of five episodes, the makers have left the audience at a turning point to know the story further. On the other hand, if we talk about shortcomings, then the makers will have to expand the world of the Mishra family of four people a little more. Entry of new characters like Haley Shah in this season who has played the role of Annu's boss. Aman's friend Surya Narayan. The series needs such characters.