Peacemaker – Season 2: start of filming announced


Filming has officially begun on the second season of Peacemaker.

Image Credit: MAX

The imminent start of filming on the second season of Peacemaker, the well-known DC series starring John Cena, has been rumored for a few weeks, and now we finally have official confirmation. The news was revealed by James Gunn, CEO of DC Studios, with a post on his Instagram profile.

Peacemaker: James Gunn revealed the first day on set

Gunn announced the long-awaited shoot with a photo on Instagram. In the image, we can see Gunn himself reflected in the Peacemaker's helmet, with a brief description of "Day 1, season 2" (later in the article).

The fact that James Gunn is present during the production brings to light some doubts that fans have about his role in the series. In fact, many are wondering if Gunn, who personally wrote the series (as he also did with the first season), will also return as director of the second season. This is because, as we all know, Gunn is also currently filming his Superman (which began filming in February), the first DCU film under his direction within DC Studios.

Little is known about what we can expect from this second season, however, we can be certain of the return of its central cast, including obviously John Cena, but also Danielle Brooks, Jennifer Holland, and Steve Agee. As for a potential release date, there is no certainty.

Source: Collider