Silo: Rebecca Ferguson gives an update on the upcoming seasons of the acclaimed Apple TV+ series


The well-known Swedish actress talks about future seasons of the dystopian series and plans for the show's conclusion.

Image Credit: Apple TV+

The future of Silo, a TV series signed by Apple TV+ which debuted last May 2023 with success among critics and audiences, seems to have a very promising future. Protagonist Rebecca Ferguson confirms the show's ambitious plans for the next seasons in an interview for Collider magazine.

During the interview, the actress spoke about the status of the filming of the second season (which was confirmed a month after the airing of the first season) and about the plans for a third season.

Rebecca Ferguson, an actress we recently admired on the big screen in Dune Рpart 2 in the role of Lady Jessica (mother of Paul Atreides, who has the face of Timoth̩e Chalamet), will soon return to the small screen in the second season of Silo. Speaking with Collider about the future and conclusion of the show, the Swedish actress revealed:

I believe the show has an ending, and I know when it will be. So this is my answer. You'll find out when the series is over. To be honest, I don't think it's a secret. Books are books. There are 3 books, and the 3 books are divided into 4 seasons. So I guess unless there's someone at Apple who changes that, I can say there's season 1, which we've already broadcast. Season 2 has been shot and is on the way, and now we're looking to get renewed for seasons 3 and 4. And I think we'd like to maybe even shoot them together. And that would be the end.

The actress also revealed why she would like potential seasons 3 and 4 to film at the same time: “I think that's our plan, and I think that's because the demand for the show is high, which is great. The ideal would be to give people what they want to have, and also not to have too much distance [between seasons]. But everything changes, and it is often a question of timing. It's about what works, and what else gets released. Often it's like a mathematical equation of how [series] are released and when they are released.