Civil War: the A24 film is a box office success!


Civil War had a production budget of $50 million.

Image Credit: A24

The box office saw the explosive debut of the Civil War. The A24-produced dystopian thriller grossed a hefty $10.7 million from 3,838 theaters during its opening day and previews, foreshadowing a debut that could touch $26 million.

This marks a significant milestone for A24, representing the highest grossing opening in the studio's history, surpassing the previous record held by 2018's Hereditary, which grossed $5.1 million in early screenings. Not only that, Civil War is also set to surpass the opening weekend record held by Hereditary.

The film Civil War, directed by Alex Garland, is an ambitious project that requires a considerable investment. With a production budget of $50 million, it is the most expensive film in A24's history. But, looking at the box office results, it seems that the investment is paying off!

Reviews for “Civil War” were generally positive, especially towards the plot and the cast, led by Kirsten Dunst in the role of a photojournalist caught in a brutal conflict between the American government and secessionist forces.

In short, despite the challenges, the A24 film seems well positioned to continue breaking box office records in the coming weeks, especially considering the success of previous A24 films such as Lady Bird.

Source: Variety