The Boys showrunner explains the delay in releasing season 4


Eric Kripke says that dubbing and adaptations for different markets justify a two-month wait

Image Credit: Amazon Prime

Recently, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke revealed that the fourth season of the series is ready. But, if the episodes have already been completed, the question remains: why does the series only return to Prime Video in June? Now, Kripke has taken to Twitter to explain the delay. See the post and then the translation:

"For everyone who asks me why we're not releasing the fourth season of The Boys now: Amazon needs to work on dubbing in dozens of languages, different countries need different formats, and so on. That's what happens when you release a series all over the world at once. This process will be carried out until June 13th," said Kripke.

The Boys ended its 3rd season in mid-2022 and, since then, has gained a spin-off Gen V. All episodes of the franchise are available for streaming on Prime Video. The 4th season of The Boys begins a month after the events of the Gen V finale and is scheduled to premiere on June 13th.