Satyabhama Movie Review, starring Kajal Aggarwal


Satyabhama Movie Review: In the background of general elections and Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections, big films as well as small films have been postponed due to risk-taking. One of them is Satyabhama. This movie has Kajal Aggarwal in the lead role. After a long gap in Telugu, Kajal, who greeted Bhagwant Kesari last year, is now going to shine in the role of a powerful lady police officer called Satyabhama. 

Naveen Chandra is the hero in this. Prakash Raj, Naganidu, Harshvardhan, Ravi Varma, Aniruth Pavithran, and Sampada played key roles. Suman Chikkala is the director. Recently, heroines have been getting success with Lady Orient films.. Kajal has entered that genre for the first time. To what extent did she please? Let's see in this review if her account got a hit or not.

Styabhama Movie Story:

Satya alias Satyabhama (Kajal Aggarwal) works as an ACP in her team department. A bully who troubles girls takes work. She is the type of person who does not give up easily when a case is involved. Moreover, by providing awareness on how to use the She Safe app, it gives women the confidence that there is a She Team in case of anything. 

Loves and marries writer Amarender (Naveen Chandra). Career is more important than personal life. Once a young woman named Haseena approaches Satyabhama that her husband Yadu (Anirudh Pavithran) is subjecting her to film violence. Satya dares Haseena that she will take care of her. She gives a warning to her husband and sends her home. But she is killed by her husband. He runs away. The rest of the story is the consequences that Satyabhama will face in the process of catching him.

Satyabhama Movie Analysis

Satyabhama is a crime thriller. Such stories are frequent in recent times. Twists and turning points are the key to this movie, the director has made this movie. Killing.. misguiding the police without getting any evidence.. in the process of investigating who did this murder.. revealing the facts one by one is the key to the story. But in this movie, it is already known that Haseena was cheated by her husband. 

The job is to find him. This is a chasing plot. That creates intensive. The story is suspenseful and emotional and feels new. Some scenes look very routine. There is also a feeling that the story is moving slowly at some places. In the course of this murder case, some new stories are coming.. they keep sidetracking the case.

However, the director took a lot of time to establish the character of Lankala Ratnakar. Vishvak seems to have entered Parakaya very easily as the character who is ready to do anything for his growth. In fact, we have seen such characters in movies like Nene Raju Nene Mantri, Ranarangam, and Pushpa in the past. But in the case of this movie, the background has been changed to Godavari. This movie was made with the main point that Godavari means not only the Godavari which is full of green crop fields but also the raging day.

Actors performance

Tollywood Kajal, who has shone in glamorous roles till now, has acted as a powerful police officer for the first time in Telugu. The director has shaped her character as per the name of Satya Bhama. Fights and villains chased scenes. The entire film revolves around her. It can be said that the entire movie was guided by her shoulders. Naveen Chandra acted as her husband in this. 

He was impressed with the role he gave. Some of these are minus the technical acceptance. Prakash Raj, Naveen Chandra, and Naginidu acted well for as long as they were on screen. The music provided by Sricharan Pakala is well set for this movie. Some dialogues could not help praising the talent of the director.


  • Kajal acting
  • A few twists


  • Some scenes in the second half
  • A slow-moving narrative

Last word: Satyabhama.. One time watchable

(Note): This is the reviewer's personal opinion only.