Manamey Movie Review, starring Sharwanand and Krithi Shetty


Manamey Movie Review: Sharwanand, who entered the Telugu film industry as Vijay Deverakonda's brother, recently got a super hit with the movie Baby. He became close to the Telugu audience by appearing as a boy who was badly cheated by a girl. Such Anand Devarakonda is now ready to come before the audience with the movie Manamey. 

In fact, he started this movie along with Baby. However, due to the delay in the shooting, this film came to the audience today. The film is directed by new director Udaya and produced by Vamsi Karumanchi and Kedar. This movie, which aroused the interest of the audience with the teaser and trailer, came to the audience this Friday. But now let's see how the movie is in the review.

Manamey Movie Story:

Ganesh (Anand Devarakonda) and Shankar (Emmanuel) are orphans living in Hyderabad Basti. Both of them used to commit petty thefts together. While in love with Shruti (Nayan Sarika), Shruti shakes hands with Ganesh and leaves. But in the process, Ganesh steals a diamond. Fearing the police, he hides the diamond in the Ganesh statue which he is bringing from Mumbai. 

On the other hand, Kishore Reddy, who hopes to win the Nandyala by-election, is bringing cash of Rs 100 crore from Mumbai in the same statute. But Ganesh Gang on one side and Kishore Reddy's men on the other side are looking for that diamond and that 100 crore rupees cash. The statue will go to Rajawari Palle instead of Kishore Reddy Godown. But Ganesh's gang in disguise and Kishore Reddy's gang went to that town and got the diamond and money? What difficulties did it face? You have to watch the whole movie to know what happened in the end.

Manamey Movie Analysis:

A retail theft hero knocks an item of value hides it in one place and makes several attempts to get it in the end. There are many movies with this line. This movie also opened with almost the same line. The director established the character of Anand Deverakonda as a retail thief in the opening of the film and slowly took it into the story. In parallel, he combined the stories happening in Nandyal on one side and Hyderabad on the other side during the interval.

After that, one gang created a situation where one gang was hiding near an idol for a diamond and another gang for 100 crores of money. But the fact that many films have come out in this format in the past is a bit of a minus for this film. Otherwise, even if you try to run the first off somehow, the second half will be very boring. No wonder why it feels stretched. But Vennela Kishore, who entered in the second half, shouldered most of the comedy responsibilities. Except for the Vennela Kishore comedy track, everything else reminds me of a Jabardast comedy. But if the line was good but the screenplay was still poorly written, the result of the movie would have been different.

Actors Performance:

Anand Deverakonda looked completely stylish in this movie after Baby. But the usual complaint remained the same. In some places, Anand's voice reminds me of Vijay Deverakonda. Apart from that, Anand Deverakonda played the character with ease. Along with Anand Devarakonda, Emmanuel played a good character. He acted as a competitor.

Both Nayan Sarika and Pragathi Sri Vyart, who acted as heroines, also acted to the extent of their roles. Along with Kishore Reddy's character, Rudra's character also acted brilliantly. Vennela Kishore smiled on the case. And the rest of the characters acted according to the scope of their roles. When it comes to the technical team, the songs are good and the background score is suitable for the film. The cinematography also carries the mood of the movie. But it would have been better if a little care was taken in the editing of the second half.

Finally, Ganga Ganesha smiles here and there