The Roast of Tom Brady: the football legend loses his temper during the Netflix special: "Don't say that but... another time"


Tom Brady has lent himself to jokes, up to a certain point: when a court case involving a person close to him was brought up.

Tom Brady sportily delivered most of the jokes during his Netflix Roast, flashing a sly smile at the comedians' barbs. However, a line was crossed when Jeff Ross teased Robert Kraft, the CEO of the New England Patriots.

At that point, the former quarterback, 46, lost his temper and jumped up to issue a stern warning to Ross, just as the comedian concluded his joke about Kraft.

Tom Brady comes to the rescue of Robert Kraft: the NFL legend loses his aplomb

The joke in question referred to a solicitation of prostitution charge brought against Kraft in 2019, at a Florida massage parlor. Charges of which he was later acquitted. Although his criminal record was not tarnished by that episode, the impromptu exit brought back some unpleasant memories. And Tom Brady wanted to draw a line between legitimate and less-than-legitimate questions, close to his adventure companion.

Visibly uncomfortable after the joke, the NFL legend approached Ross on stage and firmly told him: "Don't say that s**t anymore." Caught off guard, Rods raised his hands in surrender and replied: “Okay, okay.” The cameras therefore lingered on Kraft, who evidently felt comforted by Tom Brady's stance.

The show The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady aired Sunday evening on the popular streaming platform, hosted by an unstoppable Kevin Hart. Faithful to his acclaimed style, he made fun of everyone, including Brady, touching on rather thorny topics, such as Deflategate and the end of his marriage to former top model Gisele B√ľndchen.