Pratinidhi 2 Movie Review: How is Nara Rohit's Political Thriller


Pratinidhi 2 Movie Review: After a gap, Nara Rohit's movie Prathinidhi 2 is the hero. With 'Pratnidhi' which came a few years ago, he won the praise of the critics as well as the audience. Before the elections in AP, 'Pratnidhi 2' created interest in the audience as well as in the political circles. Journalist Murthy Devagupta's debut as a director, how is this film? Is there a political controversy involved? Or is this a political thriller? Check out the review.

Prathinidhi 2 Story

Che... Chetan (Nara Rohit) is an honest journalist. He is a man who has a strong will to tell the truth to people without fear even if it comes to his own life. A senior journalist (Udayabhanu) who left America some years ago returns to India and starts a channel, goes to Che, and makes him the CEO of her NNC channel.

When Gajendra (Ajay Ghosh) is interviewed, his wrongdoings come to light and the minister loses his post. He will be suspended from the party. 'Che' also brings to light the irregularities of Narasimha (Prithvi), the candidate of the ruling party who stood as Gajendra's opponent in the by-elections. 'Che' is not afraid of the attacks on him. After doing a series of sensational shows Che got the attention of 'Chief Minister Prajapati' (Sachin Khedekar). However... the police arrested 'Che' in the case of the bomb blast in the CM's camp office.

Who is behind the assassination of the Chief Minister? Who felt the need to kill him? Why was 'Che' arrested in the bomb blast case? After the CM's death, why was his son Vishwa's (Dinesh Tej) oath as Chief Minister stopped at the last minute? How did Vikram Santosh (Jishshusen Gupta) solve the CM bomb blast case? What is the role of Prabhas Mishra (Ajay)? You have to watch the movie to know.


'Pratnidhi 2' has scenes inspired by real-life situations. There are scenes where corrupt political leaders and public representatives are exposed. No doubt about it. There is a scene to sensitize the people that they must vote. As a writer and director, journalist Murthy showed flashes in his first film. However, as a narrator, he could not continue the tempo from the beginning to the end.

Ajay Ghosh and Nara Rohit's scene in a TV channel interview reminds me of Arjun & Raghuvaran's interview in 'Oke Okedu'. The entire investigation process is similar to Ram Charan's 'Dhruva'. Despite the influence of previous scenes and films on 'Pratinidhi 2'... Murthy has wrapped the film in a commercial package. The film has satires on political strategist Prashant Kishore, and it is easy to understand that Prabhat Mishra's character is meant for him. The movie was not made completely in favor of one party and against another party. That left it moderate.

'Pratinidhi' has dialogues that make common people connect and think. There are a few such scenes and dialogues in 'Pratinidhi 2'. The first half engages in exposing the corruption of politicians. When it comes to the second half, it turns out to be a complete hero's revenge drama. With that, the meaning and significance of 'Pratinidhi' have changed. Both songs are included in the movie. Background music was composed by Mahathi Swarasagar. Murthy took the good output from the technical team. The production values are also good.

Nara Rohit proved himself as an actor. There was a gap in movies but there was no change in his acting. He once again showed his mastery in acting and dialogue delivery. Care needs to be taken in terms of weight. Jishnusen Gupta got more screen space after Nara Rohit. His performance as an investigation officer is okay. Sachin Khedekar, Ajay Ghosh, Prithvi, Ajay, Sri, and others have acted to the extent of their respective roles.

It must be said that 'Pratnidhi 2' is not a movie that targets anyone. It is not against any party. It is a political thriller. The first half passes with scenes exposing political corruption. Had the investigation been gripping, the second-half result would have been different. Nara Rohit's performance as a sincere journalist and Murthy's effort as a director is commendable. Taking cinematic liberty and presenting it in a way that is not against anyone, the film stopped a step away from success.