Krishnamma Movie Reveiw: Satyadev's Best Performance


Krishnamma movie review: Satyadev's performance has fans, He is one of those stars who became a hero without any film industry background. At first, he put on small pretense... and came to the level of the protagonist. His latest movie is 'Krishnamma', It has become more prominent as the film was presented by one of the top directors, Koratala Siva. How is this movie? Check out the review.

Krishnamma Movie Story

Bhadra (Satyadev), Shiva (Krishna Teja Reddy), Koti (Meesala Laxman)... all three are orphans. Vinchipet boys in Bejawada. They have grown up together since childhood. While Bhadra and Koti are doing things like smuggling ganja...Shiva runs a small printing press and tells his two friends to stop smuggling. This is their background!

Orphans Bhadra, Shiva, and Koti hope to have a family. Shiva falls in love with Meena (Athira Raj). Bhadra considers her as his younger sister. After her introduction, he gives up ganja smuggling and starts driving an auto. Meena's mother needs two lakhs for the operation. Bhadra and Koti decide to get Meena's mother operated on in a good hospital with the money they got after smuggling ganja on a large scale for the last time. However, the police will find out. Apart from the ganja case, a rape and murder case will be registered against them.

Who is the murdered girl? Who committed atrocities on her? Why did Shiva, Bhadra, and Koti admit that they did it without knowing what the real case was? What did they do when they found out? What happened to Meena if these three were in police custody? What finally turned out? is a movie.

Analysis (Krishnamma Review)

Action-based movies came out in the backdrop of Vijayawada. And what is the difference between those movies and 'Krishnamma'? What is new about this movie?

The emotion shown in the movie 'Krishnamma' is nothing new. But, some scenes are new due to Satyadev's performance. Scenes like three orphans growing up together and one of them falling in love have been seen in some movies before. So till the interval 'Krishnamma' is plain. After arresting the hero along with his friends, the tone of the movie suddenly changed when it was revealed that they were charged with rape and murder. Especially due to Satyadev's intense performance, the emotion was worked out in the scenes and action sequences. If we compare the movie in two parts... the second half is better than the first half.

Bhadra is also one of the characters given the best performance by Satyadev in 'Krishnamma', intense in the eyes. The expression after the death of a friend on the road reminds the audience once again of the actor in him. Acting in key scenes is also good. Misala Laxman and Krishnateja Reddy's acting is okay.

Athira Raj, who made her debut on the silver screen with 'Krishnamma', gave a good performance in her first film. Her performance is natural. Archana Iyer's character as the hero's partner and the girl who falls in love with him is short. Well done while it was. Raghu Kunche's role is short. The rest of the actors did according to the scope of their roles.

While watching 'Krishnamma', after the main twist is revealed in the film, Ibrahim (Ayesha Meera) is reminded of a murder incident that created a sensation in Patnam a few years ago. The story was screened in a raw and rustic background. Satyadev's acting is good in this movie. However...starting to ending was not engaging. Climax gives satisfaction. You can give it a try for Satyadev.