The Hijacking of Flight 601: plot, trailer, and Cast of the Netflix Series Inspired by the longest hijacking in the history of Latin America


The events described are inspired by a sensational case from the seventies.

Image Credit: Netflix

The Colombian miniseries The Hijacking of Flight 601 has been available in the catalog on Netflix since April 10. Inspired by a true story. Let's discover the plot (without incurring spoilers), the official trailer shared near the release on the streaming platform and the team of actors, with the characters brought on stage.

The plot, trailer, and cast of The Hijacking of Flight 601

The series follows the dramatic story of Avianca Flight 601, hijacked by two armed revolutionaries. They send two requests to the Colombian government, under penalty of tragedy: the release of 50 political prisoners and the payment of a large ransom. Only in this way can the situation return to normal. Meanwhile, the crew members have no intention of letting themselves be overwhelmed. Tooth and nail, they will try to repel the threat. Between tension and horror, the staff on board will have the task of taking control of the situation. The moments of tension will be many and intense, which promises to keep spectators in suspense. Below, we share the official trailer for The Hijacking of Flight 601:

The miniseries The Hijacking of Flight 601, divided into six episodes, is based on the real events of the hijacking of Avianca Flight 601 which occurred on May 30, 1973. The screenplay is written by Pablo Gonzalez and C.S. Prince, who is also the director. The main performers are Johan Rivera and Arif S. Kinchen, both in the role of Guillermo Luis Lequerica. Furthermore, Monica Lopera plays a key role in the unfolding of the events. The main cast is completed by: Valentin Villafañe, Alián Devetac, Christian Tappan, Angela Cano, Enrique Carriazo, Marcela Benjumea, Ilenia Antonini, and Carlos Manuel Vesga.