Alan Ritchson, the star of Reacher slams Marvel films: ''They regurgitate stories seen a thousand times''


Alan Ritchson, the protagonist of the Reacher series, is anything but a fan of Marvel films. “I get bored watching them,” the actor said.

Alan Ritchson

Alan Ritchson thunders against Marvel Studios. During a recent interview with GQ UK magazine to talk about Guy Ritchie's new film The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare in which he plays a real-life Danish soldier, the protagonist of the hit Prime Video series Reacher bluntly demolished the much-vaunted Marvel Cinematic Universe, declaring himself absolutely uninterested in playing one of his superheroes.

Alan Ritchson slams Marvel films, the actor's blunt statements

Maybe not everyone knows or remembers it, but Alan Ritchson was close to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More than fifteen years old, the actor auditioned for the role of Thor, later given to Chris Hemsworth. Today, the star seems to have a decidedly different opinion towards Marvel films. “Like everyone, I sit down and yawn in front of Marvel films. They regurgitate stories from comics that have already been seen and reviewed a thousand times. That's because studios believe it's the only way to make money. I want to do something about it. I want to be the solution. My mission is to use all the influence I have earned to create new, more compelling stories,” said Alan Ritchson. The protagonist of Reacher seems to have a weakness for DC: in the past, he played the character of Arthur Curry/Aquaman in Smallville, that of Hawk in the Titans series, and has publicly proposed his candidacy for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in The Brave and The Bold, the first standalone film dedicated to the Bat-Man in the new DC universe by James Gunn.