MaXXXine, the first reactions: the third film in Ti West's trilogy is a tribute to Dario Argento and the Giallo genre


The first reviews of the film speak of a mix between the canons of the Giallo genre and Dario Argento's horror.

Image Credit: A24

MaXXXine is the third film in Ti West's complex and splendid trilogy which stars one of the most talented and discussed actresses of recent years: Mia Goth. Her unique presence on the screen made the previous films, namely X - the first - and the controversial Pearl, the second chapter of the trilogy. The film will be in theaters shortly, with an official date not yet confirmed but made official by 2024. In the meantime, the first reviews from "privileged" spectators and those who work on the making of the film speak of a very particular mix of cult genres.

In the film, the protagonist Mia Goth – Maxine – finds herself having to deal with a truly frightening situation: after starring in a horror slasher, a menacing killer known as the Night Stalker remains completely obsessed with her.

MaXXXine, the first reactions speak of an interesting mix: a little retro, a tribute to the great detective stories of the past

Early viewers of MaXXXine, who attended a first screening in Burbank, California, had very interesting comments to make about the film due out in the coming months. The reviews before the release of the film define it as an explosive mix: it is a direct homage to the cinema of Dario Argento, a master of thrills and horror made in Italy, but not only that. There are many clear references to the great crime cinema of the past, using settings known to the universal iconography of cinephiles such as the unforgettable Bates Motel from Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock's absolute masterpiece.

There will be no shortage of scenes with a high level of blood, in full directorial style, and in full compliance with the stylistic features of the film genre: it is known that the first scene, the opening one, will be to the tune of a decidedly iconic song. What song are we talking about? From Give Me All Your Lovin' by ZZ Top. The first reviews also speak of a surprise appearance, of an unexpected and famous actor, who will shock viewers with his presence on the screen! The name, as we can sadly expect, remained unknown and a well-hidden secret!