Ryan Gosling says no to Blumhouse's Wolfman reboot

The Wolfman remake is having major changes.

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The lead actor and director of Wolfman are changing, the upcoming remake of the 1941 Universal horror film, originally announced in May 2020 after the success of the February 2020 release of Blumhouse's remake of The Invisible Man with Elisabeth Moss. Plot details for the remake, which also has producer Jason Blum attached, are still under wraps, but the original film followed a man named Larry Talbot (Lon Chaney Jr.) who kills a wolf in Wales, only to find that in reality he was a man who then passed on the werewolf curse to him.

Wolfman changes director and protagonist

According to what was reported by The Hollywood Reporter there has been a big change behind the scenes of the remake. Director and screenwriter Derek Cianfrance will be replaced by Leigh Whannell (former director of The Invisible Man), who was previously already in talks to direct the project, before backing out. Ryan Gosling will no longer be the star of the film, although he will remain as executive producer, and will be replaced by Christopher Abbott. The film is scheduled to premiere on October 25, 2024.

In addition to 2020's The Invisible Man, Leigh Whannell already has extensive experience in the horror genre having directed Insidious 3 and having written the first three chapters of Saw and the four Insidious films. Wolfman's new protagonist, however, has less experience in the horror genre, although he appeared in 2017's It Comes at Night and 2020's Possessor. More recently, Christopher Abbott starred alongside Tom Holland in the Apple TV+ drama The Crowded Room and alongside Emma Stone in Poor Things, which was just nominated for seven Golden Globes. He is also part of the cast of Kraven the Hunter.

Source: Screenrant