''SUITS'' movie adaptation: ''There's a possibility,'' says actor Mike, positively ─ ''The cast is enthusiastic''


After the series ended in 2019, the foreign TV drama "SUITS" (2011-2019) became popular again through distribution on Netflix. When asked about the possibility of adapting it into a movie with the original cast, Patrick J. Adams, who plays Mike Ross, responded positively.

"SUITS" is set in a major law firm in New York, and tells the story of a talented lawyer, Harvey (Gabriel Macht), and a genius young man, Mike (Adams), teaming up to take on various lawsuits. The series ended its run on the USA Network with season 9 but gained explosive popularity when it began distribution on Netflix in the United States in June 2023. In response to this, it has been decided to produce a new series, "Suits: L.A."

At the ATX TV Festival in Texas, the original cast of "Suits" including Adams, Sarah Rafferty (Donna), Dulé Hill (Alex), Amanda Schull (Katrina), and Abigail Spencer (Dana) reunited to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the end of "Suits". One fan asked, "Are the cast and creators interested in a reunion movie?"

Creator Aaron Korsh was not available as he was working on "Suits: L.A.", so Adams answered on his behalf. "I have no say in it," he prefaced and then said the following.

"Obviously, there is a show called 'Suits: L.A.' in the making. I think that's Aaron's focus. But he's definitely interested in reuniting the team. So, whether or not a reunion happens depends on a million factors, but I think it's possible."

So what do the cast think? Adams answered, "The cast members here are on board." Hill, who plays Alex, also expressed a positive attitude towards a reprise.

After seasons 1 to 8 of "SUITS" began streaming on Netflix in the summer of 2023, it topped the Nielsen streaming charts for many weeks, breaking the record for the "most streamed show in a year." Season 9 is scheduled to be streamed on Netflix in the United States from July 2024, so the "SUITS" boom in the country is likely to continue.

The new series "Suits: L.A." is set in Los Angeles and focuses on new characters. It will star Stephen Amell, who is well known for his role in the DC drama "ARROW."