Music Shop Murthy Movie Review, starring Ajay Ghosh and Chandini Chowdary


Music Shop Murthy Movie Review: Senior actor Ajay Ghosh, who is busy as a character artist, is the main lead, as well as Chandni Chaudhary, Amani, and Bhanuchander, who does content-oriented films. The film is directed by Siva Paladugu and produced by Harsha Garapati and Ranga Rao Garapati under the banner of Fly High Cinemas. As the plot of a 50-year-old middle-class man who wants to become a DJ is said in the teaser and trailers, the expectations for this movie are good. Music Shop Murthy is getting a grand release in theaters today June 14, and some people have already premiered this movie.

Music Shop Murthy Movie Story:

In Vinukonda, Murthy (Ajay Ghosh) runs a music shop, rents out cassettes, uploads songs, sets up sound for functions, and plays songs. As his income is enough, his wife (Amani) is also struggling at home and there is no income on the other side. Murthy wants to become a DJ for money even if it is to solve his problems, he wants to become a DJ for money as everyone congratulates him for mixing songs and playing them well and everyone compliments him and says that it would be good if he became a DJ.

On the other hand, Anjana (Chandini) who wants to become a DJ is being controlled by her father (Bhanu Chander) and Anjana's father breaks the DJ console during a fight between them. Anjana wanders around town to get it repaired and comes to Murthy's music shop. He fixes the DJ console but when Murthy asks him to teach him to DJ, seeing his interest in music, he says ok. And did Anjana Murthy learn to DJ? Did Murthy become a DJ? If Murthy and Anjana were going around as friends, what kind of problems did they face in the village? Did Murthy's wife support him? If you want to know the hardships Murthy went through to come to Hyderabad to become a DJ, you have to watch it on screen.


We have seen the struggles of a common man for his dream in many movies in the past but the plot of this movie is new. A 50-year-old man with an interest in music and family problems, Murthy's character has been well written. The role of Anjana, who teaches DJ as a 20-year-old friend of that character, was also brilliantly written. After ten minutes the movie starts slowly, but after that, you are full of laughs. In the first half, about Murthy, the work he does, Anjana's introduction, learning to DJ, Murthy's problems at home, these things. In the second half, Murthy showed more interest in how he became a DJ. In the climax, tears are also brought with emotion. DJ has been well-researched for this film.

Performance of actors:

Ajay Ghosh, who has impressed as a villain and a comedian for many years, played the main lead for the first time and perfectly portrayed how a 50-year-old middle-class man would be if he were a DJ. Ajay Ghosh laughed on one side and cried on the other side. Chandini also acted well in that role as a modern girl. In the role of Ajay Ghosh's wife, Amani also looks like a normal housewife. Amit Sharma, Bhanu Chander. Dayanand Reddy, Patas Nani.. the rest of the actors also acted well and impressed.

Technical aspects:

Everything is going well for this movie. The basic point of the story is old but the story is written very new. The cinematography visuals are also good. The music shop, and the background setup there were done very well by the art department. The songs are okay but the background music is good. Music was given better in emotional scenes. It can be said that Siva became successful as a director with his first film. In terms of production, even though it is a small film, it looks like it has been well spent on the screen.

Overall, the movie Music Shop Murthy showed how a 50-year-old man wanted to become a DJ and how a 25-year-old girl supported him. This movie can be rated 3.