Harom Hara Movie Reveiw, starring Sudheer Babu


Harom Hara Movie Review: Kollywood director and actor Sundar C. is making franchise films under the name of Harom Hara. The movies Chandrakala and Raj Mahal came into that franchise. Baak Movie is the fourth part of this franchise. Haromhara was released in Tamil. In this movie, Tamanna and Rashi Khanna acted as heroines... Sundar C, Vennela Kishore, Srinivasa Reddy, and Yogi Babu acted in important roles. And how is this movie? Did it meet the audience's expectations? Or? Let's see in the review.

Harom Hara Movie Story:

Sivashankar (Sunder C), a lawyer, has a younger sister named Shivani (Tamanna). She marries the man she loves. Parents don't like that. They want to leave the house. Shivani leaves the house. Shivani, who lives away from her parents with her husband and children, commits suicide. Shivani's husband also dies under suspicious circumstances. 

This makes Shiva Shankar suspicious. He tries to find out that his sister Shivani did not commit suicide... Something must have happened. What things did Shivashankar know in this order? Did Shivani commit suicide? Or was someone murdered? What is the real reason for Shivani's death, the evil power called Baak? If you want to know such things, you have to watch the movie.

Haromhara Movie Analysis:

All the movies from this Haromhara franchise are the same. They are frightened for a while... and laughing for a while. This movie is the same. There is nothing new in this movie, except for the role of the villain who tries to scare people by changing his shape. The comedy and horror elements are not very impressive. It feels like a normal horror movie. Srinivasa Reddy, Vennela Kishore, and Kovai Sarala laugh out loud in the comedy scenes that come here and there in the first half. 

But the process of finding out the reasons behind Shivashankar Shivani's death will be interesting. The scenes where Shivani's murder or suicide are revealed, and the episode where the real background of the evil spirit Baak is brought to light, all make the movie interesting. But if the story is going on seriously, the comedy scenes in between will spoil the interest. That does not mean that there is strength in the comedy scenes.

Although the movie is not very impressive in terms of story, it is stunning in terms of visuals. And the scenes in the climax are a plus for the movie. Simran and Khushboo singing together in the final song is good. Talking about the performance of the actors, Tamannaah acted well in the role of a mother who takes care of the children. 

And Rashi Khanna is pleasing in the role of a doctor named Maya. Sundar C's performance is also good. Vennela Kishore, Kovai Sarla, Srinivasa Reddy, and Yogi Babu's comedy is good. As far as the technical performance is concerned, the music provided by Hip Hop Tamija is the main strength of this movie. Build values ​​are good. The visuals are impressive. There is nothing new in the story, narration, and direction. Sundar C failed as a director in this regard.