Series like Bridgerton: 5 TV series to watch if you like Netflix's period drama


Passionate love stories, princely dresses: if you like Bridgerton, we recommend 5 TV series not to be missed.

Costume TV series: what a passion! Bridgerton is just the latest period drama to be included in this television genre. Shows set in the past have always fascinated the most romantic and nostalgic audiences, especially if there is a passionate love story involved. Julia Quinn's novels have become a success thanks to the Netflix adaptation: Bridgerton is today one of the most loved and followed TV series ever, with three seasons under its belt. If you like stories from other eras, where characters wear princely clothes and live love stories that make you dream, we recommend 5 TV series similar to Bridgerton that you absolutely shouldn't miss.

Queen Charlotte

Has Queen Charlotte always been this sarcastic? This Netflix miniseries serves as a prequel/spin-off to Bridgerton and tells the story of the youth of the British sovereign we learned about in the original series. We discover a very different Carlotta, through her love story with the mysterious and fascinating King George, which she will reveal more than a surprise. The spin-off is aimed at telling the past of one of Bridgerton's most eccentric characters but at the same time a resolute woman who never gives up: through the episodes we also understand the reason why Queen Charlotte has become the sovereign she is now, and at the same time takes a look at the present, revealing the events that happen between the second and third seasons of the parent series.

The Buccaneers

Bridgerton in a modest version: this is how someone defined The Buccaneers, an Apple TV+ series based on Edith Wharton's unfinished novel, Buccaneers. The protagonists are five American girls who at the beginning of the nineteenth century decide to leave the continent to embark on a new, exciting adventure in England to find a noble husband. The TV series follows the basic plot of the original work, then takes completely different paths. The Buccaneers is an elegant, fun, and modern product: in the background, there are love stories involving the young protagonists - all different from each other, each with their own dreams and desires. There is no lack of the typical setting of the period drama between social balls, sumptuous dresses, and that desire for freedom, far from the society of the time.

The Empress

The love between the rebel Elisabeth von Wittelsbach and Emperor Franz Joseph is at the center of The Empress, the Netflix series based on the life of the iconic Sissi. Passions and court intrigues in early nineteenth-century Austria tell this historical personality from an unprecedented point of view, never explored before. The Empress has a bold style, very close to that of Bridgerton: the two lovers shoot each other languid glances, full of desire. There is no shortage of stage costumes, wonderful and fairytale-like.


Based on the novel series by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander is a love story that transcends space and time. Against the backdrop of the Second World War. Claire Beauchamp Randall is a nurse who, thanks to some magic stones that she finds by chance, finds herself transported to Scotland in 1743. Catapulted into a historical period she doesn't know, the woman is soon welcomed by the Fraser Clan, where she meets the young man warrior Jamie; forced to marry, although Claire is already married in her century, the two get to know each other better and soon passion breaks out: an invincible and boiling love, which overcomes every obstacle throughout the centuries.

Gentleman Jack

Anne Lister was the first modern lesbian. Set in the 1830s, Gentleman Jack is a TV series that tells the true story of a woman, who courageously challenged the society of the time for how she openly lived her homosexuality. Through her diaries, Anne Lister narrates her love story with the heiress Ann Walker. The two celebrated their union at Holy Trinity Church in York: it was not a legal marriage, but it was remembered as the first lesbian wedding in the United Kingdom. The TV series is captivating, romantic, and very detailed: with care, Gentleman Jack reconstructs the era of that time with a faithful portrait of the real Anne Lister.