Panchayat: Season 3 Prime Video's Hindi Series Official Trailer Out


Panchayat 3 Trailer: The Secretary will return to Phulera village and Banarakas' new move will create a ruckus. This season you will get a double dose of laughter. After watching the trailer, the anxiety of watching the show will increase among the audience.

Jitendra Kumar's superhit web series Panchayat Season 3 is eagerly awaited by the audience. The audience is eager to know what new twist is going to come in Phulera village this season. The show makers have shown a glimpse of what fun is going to happen in Panchayat 3. The trailer of 'Panchayat 3' has been released. Pradhan elections are going to be held in Phulera village. As soon as you see the trailer, your eagerness to watch the show will increase.

There will be chaos in Phulera village

At the beginning of the trailer, you may feel that Phulera village has got a new secretary, but only after that, you will see that the old secretary of Phulera is coming back to Phulera village with his luggage packed on his bike. In the trailer, you will hear that the secretary's transfer has been canceled and he has returned to Phulera village.

The story of Rinki and Sachivji will move forward

In Panchayat 2, we saw how some chemistry was shown between the Secretary and Pradhan's daughter. Now in this season, the story between the two will be seen moving forward. Rinki and the Secretary will once again climb into the water tank and enjoy sipping tea.

'Banrakas' will play a new trick, and will get support from MLA

In the last season, 'Banrakas' had tried to increase the troubles of Pradhan ji and his family. Banarakas will try new tricks this season. Watching the trailer, it is understood that this time in the Pradhan election in Phulera village, Banarakas vs Pradhan ji will be seen. At the same time, Banarakas will also get the support of the MLA. This time sticks will be used in Phulera village.

'Panchayat' season 3 has been directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra. At the same time, the story has been written by Chandan Kumar. 'Panchayat' Season 3, full of comedy and drama, is going to be quite tremendous, this has become clear from the trailer of the show itself.