Extraction 3, Joe Russo reveals the latest updates on the third chapter of the saga with Chris Hemsworth


At what point is the third chapter of Extraction? Writer and producer Joe Russo has shared important updates on the film!

Tyler Rake is ready to return. After the great success of the first two chapters, released respectively on Netflix in 2020 and 2023, Chris Hemsworth will very soon return in the role in the highly anticipated third chapter of the action saga based on the famous graphic novel Ciudad by Ande Parks and Anthony and Joe Russo and illustrated by Fernando Leon Gonzalez.

The latest updates on the third chapter of the Extraction action saga

During a recent interview with Total Film, Joe Russo - as screenwriter and producer of Extraction 3 - provided the latest updates on the progress of the film. “We are in the full development phase of the project, we are just waiting to organize ourselves with Chris based on his commitments. It's a really interesting franchise, which has a very fragile and emotionally devastated character as its protagonist, so there's room for a good story that respects his journey what happened to him, and his whole sick relationship with the violence that he built around self-loathing and his sense of guilt. This will allow us to add more layers and levels of reading and build more stories around him,” said the director of Avengers: Endgame. The third chapter of Extraction will once again be directed by Sam Hargrave, stunt coordinator for many Marvel Studios projects and director of the first two chapters of the saga.