Tillu Squear (DJ Tillu 2) Movie Reveiw: Siddhu Jonnalagadda is Impressive


Star boy Sidhu Jonnalagadda has gained a full following among the youth audience as a hero who got overnight stardom with the movie 'DJ Tillu'. The dialogues and comedy delivered by him in the Telangana accent left the audience completely enthralled. Sidhu once again came before the audience with the movie Tillu Square (DJ Tillu 2). Has this movie met the expectations? Or? Let's see in the review..

DJ Tillu 2 Movie Story:

Tillu (Sidhu Jonnalagadda), who has recovered from the Radhika episode, starts wedding planning and DJ events with his family and friends. In this sequence, one day Lily Joseph (Anupama Parameswaran) enters his life. From there Tillu changes gears again and both fall in love. But Lily asks Tillu for help on her birthday. What will Tillu do when he is already suffering because of Radhika? How did the most wanted criminal Mehboob Ali (Muralisharma) come into their story? Why Indian Special Force come? What happened in the end has to be seen on the silver screen.


In 'DJ Tillu', the hero's characterization is highlighted more than anything else, the dialogues and entertainment produced by that character have worked out superbly, so the makers have followed this in the sequel as well. Hilarious entertainment was set with Tillu's character from the first scene and it worked out well. Radhika's re-entry, re-recording in the climax is impressive. But the entertainment expected from Tillu's character, the chemistry between the hero-heroines is okay but there is no novelty in terms of story. After the interval, the dose of comedy is reduced, some punchy dialogues are laughable.. but the twists are not worked out that much.

Actors-Technical Performance:

Cinematography played a key role in enhancing the vibe of Tillu's character. Also, the 'DJ Tillu..' remix song and 'Radhika Radhika' song composed by Ram Miriyala are also good. The song 'O My Lily' by Achu Rajamani also got good attention. Re-recording is another strength of this movie. The production values are very good and the richness is seen in every frame.

Sidhu Jonnalagadda in the role of Tillu impressed once again, with his energy, dialogue delivery, everything was on a perfect note. But the surprise package in this movie is the heroine Anupama, although she attracts with her glamor in the teaser and trailer, Anupama surprises with twists and character transformation in the movie. Neha Shetty entertained as Radhika in a guest role and her entry scene was superb. Muralidhar Goud as Tillu's father, Praneet Reddy as Marcus gave laughs, Prince and Muralisharma's roles were very limited.

Plus Points:


Sidhu Jonnalagadda, Anupama acting


Minus Points:

Routine concept

Twists that don't excite



Finally: 'Tillu Square' is an out-and-out entertainer!
Overall Score