One-Punch Man, the live-action is still alive and well: the co-creator of Rick and Morty has been hired


Dan Harmon joins the creative team for the One-Punch Man live-action film.

Image Credit: Crunchyroll

Since Netflix resurrected the world of live-action anime remakes with its series dedicated to One Piece, the studios seem to have gained a bit of courage and this genre is seen with different eyes. Things are still moving along slowly, but one project that seems to finally be coming out of limbo is the live-action One-Punch Man film. It's been almost two years since the project announced that it had found a new director, namely Justin Lin, who left the Fast & Furious franchise to focus on Saitama's story. This announcement took place in 2022 and, so far, Sony Pictures has kept quiet about it. Now it's been announced that the writers have changed (and that's probably a good thing).

Dan Harmon, the co-creator of Rick and Morty and Community, is working on the script for One-Punch Man. Also on the writing team is Heather Anne Campbell, who also worked on Rick and Morty and The Eric Andre Show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Harmon and Campbell are rewriting the entire script for the film. Until now, the writers of Venom were involved, but new reports seem to indicate that the live-action script is undergoing some pretty major changes… Harmon and Campbell have a lot of experience writing comedy and this change seems to fit much more into the spirit of One Punch Man.

For now, there is no release date and things will take some time. At this rate, in the next few years, we will gather in cinemas for a nice live-action full immersion because, in addition to Saitama in the flesh, we will also have a live-action of Boku no Hero Academia and Naruto.

Source: CBR