Maidaan Box Office: 'Maidan' made the highest collection on Sunday, but how far is it from the magical figure?


Maidaan Box Office Collection Day 4: Maidaan, directed by Amit Sharma, has got a rating of 9 out of 10 on IMDb. The film has received excellent reviews and ratings and its collection on Sunday was excellent.

Image Credit: Zee Studios

Maidaan Box Office Collection: Ajay Devgan's film 'Maidaan' is improving almost daily at the box office. The opening day collection of this film, which was released in theaters on Wednesday evening, was only Rs 2.60 crore. But after this, growth in gross has been seen almost every day. Last Sunday too, 'Maidan' created a new record by earning handsomely. Obviously, the film is getting the benefit of mouth publicity and people are coming to theaters to watch this film.

Graph of  'Maidaan' movie gross at the box office

After earning Rs 2.60 crore on the day of release, the film's earnings declined on the very next day and it did a business of Rs 4.50 crore on Thursday. On Friday the business decreased to Rs 2.75 crore, but on Saturday 'Maidaan' showed its strength again and the business increased to Rs 5.75 crore. Releasing these figures of the film's earnings in India, Sacnilk has said in one of its reports that the film has done a business of approximately Rs 6.25 on Sunday.

How far from the magical figure?

This has been the highest single-day collection of this film so far in terms of earnings in India. Official figures are yet to be released by the makers, but if Sunday's estimated figures are considered correct, then the total earning of 'Maidaan' at the Indian box office so far has been Rs 21.85 crore. Directed by Amit Sharma, this film still has a long way to go. It is known that the budget of the film itself was Rs 100 crore. That means, to recover the cost, it must do a business of at least Rs 79 crore.

Movie Story and Rating on IMDb

The film has got a rating of 9 out of 10 on IMDb which is fantastic. Talking about the story of the film is a biographical drama film that narrates the story of the golden era of football in India. How football coach Syed Abdul Karim fights to make Indian football shine on the world stage and avenges his humiliation, this journey is shown beautifully in the film.