Gladiator 2 reveals its long-awaited trailer at CinemaCon


Gladiator 2 premieres its long-awaited trailer at CinemaCon. Ridley Scott promises it will be "even more amazing" than the epic film starring Russell Crowe.

Paul Mescal

These days CinemaCon is being held in the United States, where major Hollywood companies present some of their upcoming releases. Yesterday's big star was Gladiator 2, as Paramount released its long-awaited trailer, for attendees only, of course. Unfortunately, the rest of us will still have to wait to see this first preview of the sequel. The 5-minute video was preceded by an introduction from Ridley Scott in which he noted that it is "maybe even more amazing than the first one" and that it will "be worth the wait." 

Star Paul Mescal says the film is a "highlight" of his professional life, while Denzel Washington says it contains more "excitement and spectacle" than any other film we'll see this year.

The description of the first trailer for Gladiator 2

In the preview, we see Mescal transformed into a gladiator fighting some crazy monkeys and, later, into a soldier using a rhino in combat. Furthermore, at a certain point, the Colosseum fills with water to allow a naval clash. It looks awesome! Furthermore, the preview also includes a direct nod to the first film, as at one point Mescal's character says "I remember that day. I've never forgotten it. That a slave could take revenge on an emperor. That a slave could get justice, in the sand.”

As expected, we also see the characters of Pedro Pascal and Denzel Washington. The former plays an important soldier who gets tired of sending Rome's youth to die in war, so he ends up being condemned to become a gladiator. Washington instead appears to serve as a mentor to Mescal, guiding him to lead an impending revolution. In fact, at a certain point in the trailer the following is said: “Can you hear that crowd? The largest temple Rome ever built was the Colosseum. This is what they believe in…power.”

Gladiator 2 is expected on November 22, 2024.