Bridgerton 3, this is why Eloise becomes friends with the ''villain'' of the series


Claudia Jessie from Bridgerton 3 explained why Eloise becomes friends with Cressida Cowper, the villain of the series who bullied Penelope.

Image Credit: Netflix

In Bridgerton 3, Eloise becomes friends with Cressida Cowper (Jessica Madsen), the villain and "bully" of the series and the actress Claudia Jessie motivated this apparent betrayal. During a conversation with Still Watching Netflix, she explained that Eloise found herself relying on Cressida when there was no one else to help her, which led to a quick friendship when coupled with her discomfort with the truth about Penelope's role like Lady Whistledown.

As we know, Nicola Coughlan's Penelope will have a prominent role alongside Luke Newton's Colin Bridgerton in the next season of the series which adapts the events of Julia Quinn's 2002 novel Romancing Mister Bridgerton. The youngest daughter of the Featherington family and a close friend of Eloise, Penelope developed a lasting crush on Colin as she published a pamphlet exposing scandal and gossip under the pseudonym Lady Whistledown.

Following the long-awaited trailer for Bridgerton season 3, Jessie joined Coughlan and Newton to analyze the footage with Still Watching Netflix, and Coughlan addressed the topic of the seemingly blossoming friendship between Eloise and her close friend's antagonist , Cressida.

Despite her good intentions, Penelope caused a lot of problems for the family of the same name during the second season of Bridgerton. A moment of reflection on Penelope's part to prevent Eloise from being falsely accused of being Lady Whistledown meant that Eloise's budding bond with Theo (Calam Lynch) and her new activist friends was severed. As Penelope tried to explain her actions to Eloise when her friend discovered the truth, the two exchanged harsh words and argued. The trailer for season three therefore shows that things between the two are still tense.

If you add to this the fact that in the second season she heard Colin say that she did not consider her a person to court, the third season of Bridgerton finds Penelope at a standstill; Even though there is no longer any suspicion that she is Lady Whistledown, she has still lost her best friend and her crush. The fact that Cressida has wormed her way into Eloise's trust adds further salt to the wound, given not only their past conflicts, but also the fact that she once sought out Colin as a suitor for her.

With Penelope and Eloise inevitably getting back in touch, as Colin helps the former in her search for a husband, the third season of Bridgerton will be characterized by difficult conversations between the two former friends. Given Cressida's past grudges against Penelope and the other Bridgerton daughters, it's likely that Eloise's new friendship won't be welcomed with enthusiasm by the other characters.

The third season of Bridgerton will be released on Netflix in two parts, the first on May 16th, followed by the final four episodes on June 13th.