Argylle: Super Spy, does director Matthew Vaughn have a sequel in mind? The unexpected answer!


Argylle promises to be a success for director Matthew Vaughn: the cast of his unusual spy movie is brilliant. Will we see a sequel in the future?

Image Credit: Apple TV+, Universal Pictures

Argylle is a film directed by Matthew Vaughn that will arrive in theaters in February 2024: in just over a month, the unusual action movie and spy thriller will be available for cinema viewing for all fans of the genre. The cast is brilliant, full of stars and divas in their moment of greatest cinematic glory: we see the participation of the splendid and talented singer Dua Lipa, whose co-star will be the British star Henry Cavill, former interpreter of the one and only Kal- El/Superman/Clark Kent in the now finished Snyderverse.

Argylle also sees the participation of the talented actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays the protagonist Elly Conway, a mystery writer who suddenly discovers how the plots of her books are deeply linked to reality! In an in-depth interview with Total Film, Matthew Vaughn spoke about his plans for a possible sequel!

Argylle, Matthew Vaughn reveals details on the film and plans for the future

The pages of Total Film magazine show new images from the film, portraying Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rockwell, protagonists of the action film. In the interview with director Matthew Vaughn, we talk about plans for the future. “The first book is about: How did Argylle become a spy? It will be the next film we work on. And then Argylle 2 is… I don't want to give too much away, but there's young Argylle and that becomes Henry because Henry loves the idea of making a real Argylle movie too."

Cavill himself, speaking about the film, said he was incredibly amused by the character, underlining: “I think he's a fun character. It depends on the direction the film will take and everything else. I have a great relationship with Matthew, and this takes away the most complex part of working together. The next piece is to craft a story. If the story is good, and the character has a place to go, fitting in between all the things I'm trying to build, then it will be perfect." For her part, actress Bryce Dallas Howard also said she was more than willing to return to the set. “Absolutely yes” was her answer to the question.

To proceed with the project, however, we are awaiting the response of critics and the public to the film: “Many people complain that there aren't enough original things, but the reason is they don't go to see them. People must, first and foremost, buy tickets, or there will be absolutely nothing."

Image Credit: Apple TV+, Universal Pictures