Tokyo Vice – Season 2: the first images of the new episodes of the HBO series

The first images of the second season of Tokyo Vice, the HBO MAX series starring Ansel Elgort and Ken Watanabe, have been released.

Image Credit: HBO

After the great success of the public and critics of the first season, which aired in 2022, Tokyo Vice - the series created by J.T. Rogers and based on the 2009 novel of the same name by Jake Adelstein – is ready to return to the small screens with a second season. Although there is no release date yet, the first official images of the new episodes have been released in recent days.

The first images of the second season of Tokyo Vice 2

In the first images of Tokyo Vice 2 two new entries are depicted: Shoko Nagata played by Miki Maya, an investigator who wants to take a more aggressive position against the yakuza, and Naoki Hayama by Yosuke Kubozuka, another member of the gallery of underworld characters. In one image there are also the two protagonists of the show, namely Ansel Elgort (Baby Driver – The genius who escaped) and Ken Watanabe.

In a recent interview, the creator of Tokyo Vice revealed some details about the second season: “We had the blessing of HBO Max to end season 1 with an episode that featured nothing but cliffhangers. I was writing season two while we were shooting season one, so it's the same story we're following. Everything that was left loose at the end of season 1 will be resolved, if not immediately, throughout the season. Some things immediately, others later.