'IF' movie trailer is a riot of imagination and tenderness [VIDEO]

The feature film, directed, written, and produced by John Krasinski, imagines a world where all the imaginary friends who have been abandoned by their respective children live together.

Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

IF is the recent new feature film conceived, written, produced, and directed by actor and director John Krasinski (The Hollars, A Quiet Place). A completely original product that mixes animation with live-action, giving life to a creative and fantastic world that will surely drive children crazy. The narrative premise is peculiar: a young girl, Bea (Cailey Fleming) discovers the particular ability to see imaginary friends who have been abandoned by her parent children. This will lead the young woman together with a mysterious character (who has the face of Ryan Reynolds) to explore a dimension outside of the normal.

IF movie is coming in May 2024

Well, a few minutes ago, the official trailer for If Actually Arrived, was distributed directly on the official Paramount Pictures YouTube channel. Within the video we can see that, due to the way it is structured, it seems that the film is perfectly suitable for both a younger audience and adults, managing to balance the more adult and more childish themes well. Furthermore, another absolutely essential element is the cute protagonist creatures which will certainly be the most loved by the little ones. For now, however, we know that the film will be available in theaters around the world starting from May 2024.

We remind you that If, produced by Sunday Night Productions and Maximum Effort with distribution by Paramount Pictures, features a cast made up of, among others, John Krasinski, Fiona Shaw, Bobby Moynihan, Alan Kim, Phoebe-Waller Bridge, Steve Carrell, Matt Damon, Christopher Meloni, Vince Vaughn, Awkafina, Sam Rockwell, Jon Stewart, Richard Jenkins and many more. Having said this, as of now, it is not yet known precisely when the film will be launched but we are certain that, as soon as possible, this information will be promptly disseminated.